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Chapter X
Just a little foolishness
Will make your light dim
2 Head opposite the fool
Be nothing like him
3 Cause the wise go right
But he decides to go left
4 So even as he walks along
You see how stupid he gets
5 Too many people walk the path
Of the previous fools
6 So good road is traveled
By the precious few
7 Now, the wicked rule
And the righteous live low
8 See the fools drive by-the wise-
Taking it slow
9 The hole you dig
Could be the hole you get buried in
10 You’re afraid to get bit
So why you playing round the snake pit?
11 With enough skill
And the right amount of strength
12 Even a dull blade
Will make the log split
13 There’s no profit for the charmer
If the charmer gets bit
14 Fools get consumed by their words
Always talking some shit
15 Not an ounce of sense
Bounce out of their lips
16 Mouth running non-stop
No pause or off switch
17 And we pray that our leaders
Ain’t like them
18 Headlights on bright
But the light’s dim
19 Wheels spinning in the sand
They’re just kicking up dust
20 Tryna pull us out the desert
But they’re weaker than us
21 I say we pray that our leaders
Ain’t like them
22 Headlights on bright
But the lights dim
23 They’re the designated drivers
Got the keys to the bus
24 But a little bird told me
That they’re drunker than us

Chapter XI
You’ve heard it said
That it’s better to give than to receive
2 So don’t hoard your good fortune
Cast your bread on the seas
3 Most remember kind deeds
Though sometimes we forget
4 What goes around comes around
You’ll never know what you’ll get
5 Fill the clouds up with water
And you’re bound to get wet
6 How you expect to reap well
If you ain’t planted yet
7 Tryna know the unknown
And how it all connects
8 Like tryna know gods plans. Man
Nobody can guess
9 So give away what you can
And don’t sit on your hands
10 Cause you know
We all need some help now and then
11 And when it happens, you’ll be happy
You were good to your friends
12 Who gave the extra little push
To find success in the end
13 We all recall the good days
And time we spend in the light
14 Sun all up in your eyes
You had the time of your life
15 But when the day turns to night
And darkness limits your sight
16 Remember what it means to dream
Nightmares and delights
17 Enjoy your youth, live life
Do your thing, do right
18 Follow your heart, see the world
See yourself take flight
19 But don’t forget; what god demands
Simply won’t be denied
20 And when judgment time arrives
You’ll have to swallow your pride
21 We all head the same way
So what you worried for?
22 You’re in a race you can’t win
So what you hurried for?
23 You need to sit down and chill
Stop the ego trips
24 Cause all your strength ain’t real, man
Its meaningless.


from The Emcee's Ecclesiastes, released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Brothers Cosmos Phoenix, Arizona

We're a band from Phoenix, AZ that blends elements of Soul. Electronic, Funk, Fusion and Hip Hop into an unprecedentedly engaging instrumental music experience. Collaborative projects are always welcome.

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