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Chapter VIII
A world full of questions
Serves to furrow the brow
2 People
Forget to smile
Through the why’s and the how’s
3 When ignorance gets replaced
It can brighten the face
4 Take away the hard gaze
Have you shining with grace
5 I say;
Laws of the land
Should be observed and obeyed
6 All our corrupt leaders
Face comeuppance some day
7 Choose your battles
Choose peace
Let serenity reign
8 The time will come
To free ourselves from oppression and pain
9 Still
The populous is filled
With fury and doubt
10 Those in power take away
But they ain’t handing it out
11 And when justice is on pause
And delayed being served
12 We get perturbed
While the wicked thrive
And work on our nerves
13 The poor and righteous get jerked
They’re regarded as herbs
14 The wicked rich never seem
To get the hell they deserve
15 Finding value in material
Ignoring our worth
16 Yet another meaningless truth
I’ve seen on this earth
17 If you’re enjoying life,
Then you’re doing it right
18 We gotta keep our heads high
Through the toil and the strife
19 Stressing--and missing rest
Through the days and the nights
20 Leave the battle weary
With no strength for the fight
21 What God knows
No person can comprehend
22 He holds in both hands
All the secrets of men
23 Regardless of what you’ve seen
Or all the places you’ve been
24 The meaning of all things
No mind can comprehend.

Chapter IX
Be you righteous or wicked
Be you foolish or wise
2 Regardless of if you’re clean
Or all the things you sacrifice
3 If your house is built of straw, wood
Brick, stone or sand
4 If everything in life is working out
Just as you planned
5 You run five miles a day
Or only run two blocks
6 If you ride your bike to work
Or walk to the mail box
7 No matter you endurance
No matter how strong your fight
8 Death creeps in
Like a thief in the night.
9 And that’s the end to everything
Every mind has ever known
10 Love and hate vanishes
Once the spirit has flown
11 Once the eyes are closed
Once the living is done
12 We have no part of anything
That happens under the sun
13 So eat your food with a smile
Have some wine with your friends
14 Live it up. Laugh it up.
Get it in ‘til the end
15 Find the good in your life
Enjoy your time with your wife
16 Anything you do to earn
Do it with all of you might
17 Cause where we’re headed, not a day that we’ve lived
Will mean a thing
18 So row your boat merrily
This life is but a dream
19 Like a fish in a net
Like a bird in a snare
20 The finish line will snatch you up
Right when you’re unaware
21 People drift through the dark
Like they don’t have a care
22 Like the curtain won’t close
They expect to be spared
23 Heed the words of the wise
Don’t pay attention to fools
24 Wisdom’s the best weapon
Uprightness the best tool


from The Emcee's Ecclesiastes, released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Brothers Cosmos Phoenix, Arizona

We're a band from Phoenix, AZ that blends elements of Soul. Electronic, Funk, Fusion and Hip Hop into an unprecedentedly engaging instrumental music experience. Collaborative projects are always welcome.

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