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Chapter III
We got a birth-time, a life-time
A death-time and high-time
2 Your time, my time
Supper-time primetime
3 Work time, merc time
Family time, find time
4 Peace time, war time
Need a little more time.
5 A time to laugh
And a time to weep
6 A time to hold your tongue
And a time to speak
7 Make the most of your time
While you’re on the map
8 Cause once the clock runs down
You can’t push time back
And that’s that
9 While you’re in the world
You gots to do your thing
10 Cause for the righteous and the wicked
The fates all the same
11 Judgment!
And back to the earth with our bones
12 And one day we gon’ reap
Every seed that was sown
13 Live well
Cause only God’s will is everlasting
14 And the lovers of the world
Get the world for their passion
15 The world is passing
Time is fleeting
16 But there’s a portion of eternity
In each human being

Chapter IV
Who’s a friend to the oppressed?
2 People reaching out for comfort
But ain’t felt none yet
3 Make me wonder if we’re better off
Living or dead
4 And even better
If this tragic life and we never met
5 So much evil
That we’d never have to see
6 So blessed indeed
If we never had to be
7 But we break our backs to live
And for things we don’t need
8 This struggle to succeed
Is born of envy and greed
9 And...I’d be a fool
To just throw up my hands
10 Stroll around like a bum
Not being a man
But damn!
11 There’s so many things I don’t understand
12 Like how we’re chasing the wind
For more hundreds and grands
13 Its fool-ish, fruit-less
Finite and quite use-less
14 Money that folds—bars of gold
But live truth-less
15 You’re out for more stones
More paper to own
16 Get to the top just to learn
It’s lonely on the throne
17 One’s the loneliest
You’ll ever do
18 But contrary to the song
You’re twice as strong with two
And...19 even stronger
When the number is three
20 And when we’re all knotted up
We can finally be free
Hey—21 I might be broke
Might not have anything
22 Better a poor, wise-man
Than a foolish old king
23 Cause once the chase is done
And we awake from the dream
24 We’ll all have to come to terms
With what the journey all means


from The Emcee's Ecclesiastes, released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Brothers Cosmos Phoenix, Arizona

We're a band from Phoenix, AZ that blends elements of Soul. Electronic, Funk, Fusion and Hip Hop into an unprecedentedly engaging instrumental music experience. Collaborative projects are always welcome.

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