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Chapter I
Everything is meaningless!
From poverty to greediness
2 Charity to neediness
All of this is meaningless!
3 You can live like an ascetic
Or die chasing the green
4 You’ll turn blue in the face
Tryna figure the grand scheme.
5 Generations before
Have lived and disappeared
6 And we’ve yet to see a thing
That wasn’t already here
7 The sun will still set
The sun will still rise
8 The moon will still pull
On the waters for high-tide.
9 We’ve got better computers,
But our minds don’t advance.
10 We’re just running in place
Doing the same old dance
11 You can sit and read every book in the library
12 Be the wisest man alive
And still land in the cemetery
13 Can’t straighten out the twisted
Can’t count what we lack
14 Try to chase away the wicked
And they’ll be right back.
15 Its like the more that we learn
The thinner our hope gets
16 Its like we already forgot
The ones that ain’t here yet.

Chapter II
Gwan and get your money,
Little duffle-bag boy
2 Gwan and get your jewelry
Gwan and get your toys
3 Gwan and build your mansion
Gwan and chase you passion
4 Gwan and chase the wind
Tryna find something lasting.
5 Gwan and get your women
Embrace hedonism
6 Do it ‘til you’re satisfied
Get it out your system
7 Once you learn the things you have
Can never change your fate
8 The world that you love
Becomes the world you love to hate
9 Because the rich haffi die
And the poor do too
10 And the wise bite the dust
Just like the common fool
11 So give it up to God
For all that He provides
12 Eat your food. Drink you drink.
Squeeze some joy out of your life
13 Cause this could be your last dance
On your very last night
14 And when the last song ends
I hope you’re satisfied
15 I hope you loved wisdom
I hope you hated sin
16 I pray you found God
Don’t die chasing the wind


from The Emcee's Ecclesiastes, released February 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Brothers Cosmos Phoenix, Arizona

We're a band from Phoenix, AZ that blends elements of Soul. Electronic, Funk, Fusion and Hip Hop into an unprecedentedly engaging instrumental music experience. Collaborative projects are always welcome.

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